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The laws for animal chiropractic differ from state to state. In the state of Arkansas, a licensed, certified animal chiropractor may adjust any animal but is REQUIRED to have a licensed veterinarian PRESENT while performing the adjustment. "Present" refers to the veterinarian being in the same room as the chiropractor while the adjustment is taking place.

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In the state of Oklahoma, a licensed, certified animal chiropractor may adjust any animal. They do not need a referral from a veterinarian, nor do they need a veterinarian to be present while performing the treatments.

For more information about the Laws and Regulations about animal chiropractic in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma Chiropractic Practice Act:


What are the State laws and Regulations?

How can I contact the AVCA?

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Earning certification from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association's professional certification program represents a significant achievement. The program of the AVCA promotes the highest standards of animal chiropractic care for the protection and benefit of the patient as well as the public.

Certification is awarded to licensed doctors of chiropractic and/or veterinary medicine that have successfully passed the AVCA approved post-graduate program in animal chiropractic, and have met the AVCA certification requirements which include: passing both a comprehensive written examination, and clinical competency (practical) examination. Certification is distinct from licensure in that it is voluntary and requires recertification to maintain the credentials.

What is the importance of certification?

It is a professional membership group promoting animal chiropractic to professionals and the public, and acting as the certifying agency for doctors who have undergone post-graduate animal chiropractic training. Members working together within their disciplines to expand and promote the knowledge and acceptance of animal chiropractic to their professions, the public and governments; locally, nationally and internationally.

What is the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA)?